Buy Bitcoin: now possible in the US via Opera browser

Developers and partners expand the range of services for US users

Many normal browser users, in particular, lack the opportunities for further technical developments when it comes to relationships with digital currencies such as Bitcoin. As usual, it often takes a detour via your own wallet or a trading account from a large crypto exchange to buy and trade coins on the WWW. Opera has more than once proven that it has recognized the increasing demand on the user side. Various applications have targeted crypto users in the past. At least users in the USA can now look forward to another innovation. Thanks to a new cooperation in browser developments, you can now also carry out transactions in Bitcoin and Co. directly without external services.


Now US Opera users can also buy bitcoins directly

The Norway-based company equips both its classic desktop service and the mobile version with the new crypto service. This now integrates wallets for the two leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). With the said direct purchase, users can now process payments in connection with so-called debit cards, alternatively, billing can also be carried out via the Apple Pay service. Both payment models are very popular with consumers in the United States. Wyre joins as a partner for Opera. Fittingly, this is a service provider from the USA that specializes in payment processing.