Can bitcoin with higher lows keep investors interested in the long term?

Many people criticize Bitcoin for its volatility because they don’t realize that the coin is still under development. However, an investment in it is an investment in a better future.


Bitcoin’s problems

When it comes to investing in Bitcoin, many people may have a wrong idea of ​​what to expect. The fact is that Bitcoin still has a number of problems and challenges to deal with.

However, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Bitcoin will celebrate its 11th birthday in just over a week. So he’s still very young, especially since he was virtually unknown for most of his life.

Some of the frequently cited problems are scalability of the blockchain or price volatility. Many argue that volatility is the worst part since the anti-Bitcoin community often uses it to deter people from buying and using the coin.

Interestingly, this community mostly includes those who have the most to lose when traditional money becomes a secondary form of money.

Politicians, bankers, economists and others who gain power and influence through fiat currencies are afraid of cryptocurrencies because they are introducing a transparent, fair system that cannot be controlled and manipulated out of the shadows.

They probably realize by now that they can’t stop it, but they still want to try to slow down its development by e.g. prevent them from learning more about fear.

It won’t work forever, but it will give them a few more years to accumulate wealth with traditional money. In the meantime, they continue to “warn” the public about capital risks, while conveniently not indicating that any investment in any property involves similar risks.
The truth about Bitcoin

It is true that there is a risk, and potential risks often correspond to potential profits. Those who are afraid of losing money should definitely not invest.

However, this applies to every type of investment, not just Bitcoin. Saving money is done through savings accounts – although one could argue that this too leads to losses due to inflation.

Still, there are ways to get the value of money by investing in things like gold. The price of gold is by no means set in stone, but gold is still less risky than BTC as it has a trustworthy, long history and limited volatility.

Of course, this also means that there will be no big returns. Bitcoins were bought 10 years ago for less than a cent. Two years ago, each BTC was worth $ 20,000. That will never happen with gold, so buying gold is more of a way to maintain its value than to increase it.

At the same time, Bitcoin itself is much more than a simple investment. It is a new form of money that will revolutionize the future. It is more an investment in a better future than an asset that will simply bring greater returns.

And this investment gets stronger every year as the lowest bitcoin price turns out higher and higher every year.

In summary, the only people who lose at BTC are those who don’t believe in the coin or are too impatient to wait for it to reach its full potential.