Do the new Samsung phones have a wallet or not?

Samsung has finally unveiled its new flagship smartphone, including the latest Galaxy devices, the S20 and the Z Flip, a folding smartphone. But crypto-watchers waiting to see if the new phones will be equipped with a blockchain wallet are left hanging in the air as the materials released so far contain only fleeting references to blockchain technology.

So does the S20 have a crypto wallet or not?

The materials published by Samsung don’t seem to mention the Samsung Blockchain Wallet or specifically the Blockchain Keystore at all – an ecosystem that Samsung has been building for about a year. All we have so far is a cursory note in the security section of the S20 page about how the S20 CPU is “dedicated to protecting your […] Blockchain Private Key”. This feature is not mentioned on the Z-Flip page.

In both cases, it is not clear what has changed in terms of dapps (decentralized applications) and digital asset support compared to the S10. It is also not known which dapps and digital assets have been pre-selected for these devices. It is also not clear in which regions these features will be available.

However, South Korean observers believe that Samsung has not abolished the wallet. Blockchain management consultant Lee Jong-cheol said “Any mention of Blockchain private keys makes me think that at least the same type of wallet function that the S10 had was shown.  But I suppose from a marketing point of view, it’s good for Samsung to have people looking for leaks and rumours on the net”.


Lee said that Samsung would probably reveal more details about its devices over time rather than reveal everything at once.

“I suspect there will be more news about the new phones in the coming days, coming out in droplets – and then everything will become clearer.”


The same happened in 2019 when Samsung left several questions unanswered over the course of the year.

In both cases, the Z-Flip will be available in the USA and Korea on 14 February, while the S20 is scheduled for release on 6 March.

In the run-up to the unpacked event in San Francisco, South Korean media said that they believe the new devices will actually include a block-chain wallet with “enhanced security features”.


Galaxy S20 impressions from Marques Brownlee, a youtuber specialized in electronics: