Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz: THINK BIG – a courage booster for modern times

Are there still innovations today that someone hasn’t thought – and developed – before you? There are, Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz knows, and refers to his own company – Karatbars International GmbH. The author of “Think Big” had the idea of revolutionising the financial system and creating a means of payment that was both secure and up-to-date.

Therefore he puthisideaintopractice, foundedKaratbars International GmbH in 2011 anddevelopedthefirstgold-based digital means of payment. Dr. h.c. Harald Seizhadothervisions, such as owninghisowngoldmineandopening a bank as a stationarylocationforhismeans of payment. He also putthesevisionsintopracticeand as it turns out, thesuccessfollowsverysoon. Now he decided to publishhisexperiencesandhiscareerwith “Think Big” in a book. Why? Because in Dr. h.c. Harald Seizopinion, every personcanbecomesuccessfulandrealizehisdreams. Withcourage, and it is preciselythiscouragethatdoesn’ttakelongforthebook to be read, ideasbecomerealityandvisionsbecomecompaniesworthmillions.

No hearing for doubters and pessimists

In his past, Dr. Seiz has dealt with many pessimists. As soon as he heard of hisvision, he was smiled at and told that this dream would not come true. The successful entrepreneur and author was not irritated and firmly believed in himself and his idea. These thoughts and dreams, have achieved great things and show him that he can do anything. But Harald Seiz is also convinced that those who experience good things must also give something back to society. With his book “Think Big” he gives the reader a piece of his success and a guideline, which, if followed, the individual’s own success won’t be long in coming. It is irrelevant what idea someone has and what the individual sees as his calling. It can be the small things that go along with big thoughts and that cause a revolution in one way or another. The most important thing is to live your own dream and be open to change. If you follow this motto, you will have more success in life than setbacks and automatically be happier, when his happiness and success depended on others. Or at the time when he lived into the day without self-confidence and had many ideas but no courage to take risks.

Nobody is immune from doubters. But whoever reads “Think Big” will smile about pessimists and dare more from now on. The author Seiz consciously referred to his own examples and shows the reader that difficulties can be an incentive and not the opposite, in fear of challenge or failure. Because also failure is permitted, stresses the author consistently.

Think Big – a manual for movers and shakers

Had, would and if or however are no expressions which are used by Harald Seiz. “Think Big” is a book for doers, a guidebook for people who are successful in and take their lives into their own hands. With his own example, the ascent from bottom to top, he shows that there is nothing impossible and that one can reach the top with courage to act and a strong will as well as the conviction of his idea. The author himself is a successful market leader in the highly competitive financial industry.