Gold continues to leave the USA by the tons

In terms of gold, the US is now 33 months in a row net exporter. From January to April, 74.3 tonnes of gold have already been shipped abroad. Also at the central bank level, a lot of gold has been lost in recent years.

Gold for the UK

Some collect gold by the ton (Russia), the others (USA) leave it month by month. U.S. Pat. Geological Survey (USGS) has now released figures on US gold exports and gold imports in April 2019. The country has therefore delivered 30.8 tonnes of gold abroad. Alone 20 tons of the precious metal went to Great Britain. It was all about investment gold. 4.71 tonnes of processed gold were also brought to Switzerland. 4 tons went to India.

11 tons of gold were sourced from abroad. 1.61 tonnes of processed gold came from Canada. The metal is believed to come from the Royal Canadian Mint, which makes the Maple Leaf gold coins. Substantial quantities of lower-grade gold were supplied by Mexico (4.11 tonnes) and Peru (1.24 tonnes).

33 months in a row net exporter

US net exports last April were 19.8 tonnes, according to USGS figures. That was 20 percent more than in the previous month, but 24 percent less than a year earlier. In the period from January to April, the US delivered 74.3 tonnes of net gold to foreign countries. In the same period last year, it was 108.1 tonnes, or 45 percent more. Pure gold exports amounted to 121 tons in the 4-month period (previous year: 195.5 tons). According to the current USGS data, the United States has been a net exporter of gold for 33 consecutive months. And even taking into account the US production volume of 17.4 tonnes for April 2019, the balance remained negative.

Central banks are also losing gold

Note: The above numbers are just “non-monetary gold”. But also at the central bank level, the US has lost a lot of gold. In 2012, there were officially 6,200 tonnes of gold in the vault of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, allegedly the largest gold shortage in the world. According to our calculations, in April 2019 there were still 5,741.84 tons registered. 458 tons of gold have been lost since then. The German Bundesbank alone collected 300 tons of gold by the year 2017. The Netherlands received 122 tonnes.