Johannes Eisenberg sued “Handelsblatt” for “Karatbars International”

There are media lawyers in the Federal Republic of Germany, but if you choose a lawyer Johannes Eisenberg (law firm Eisenberg, Prof. Dr König and Schork, Berlin), a professor Dr. Christian Schertz (Chancellor Schertz / Bergmann, Berlin) and lawyer Felix Damm (Kanzlei Damm / Ettig, Frankfurt am Main), who is serious and wants to go to the legal war.”

Karatbars International, one of the successful providers of cryptocurrencies, here the “Karat Gold Coin (Utility Token – KBC)”, has “armed” itself with the lawyer Johannes Eisenberg and as a heavy gun against the “Handelsblatt” aligned. “Karatbars International” “will drag the” Handelsblatt “into a long and, above all, very expensive legal dispute in order to present their bold falsehoods as what they are, fake news bought”, at least says “Karatbars International” and continues to insure , “That lawyer Eisenberg has already taken action against the” Handelsblatt “


Karatbars International strikes back

Johannes Eisenberg was a lawyer for his colleague and former member of the Bundestag Christin Ströbele, for Julian Assange in the lawsuit against Daniel Domscheit-Berg, for the Berlin Senator for Justice Gisela von der Aue, for the journalist Igal Avidan, for the politician and former member of the Bundestag Volker Beck, the boxer Jürgen Brähmer, SPD Member of the Bundestag Michael Hartmann, Pastor Lothar König, for the deputy chairman of the left-wing faction in the German Bundestag Gesine Lötzsch, the former Minister for State Security of the GDR, Army General Erich Mielke (2000 †), for the historian Helmut Müller-Enbergs , for the legendary German actor and singer Uwe Ochsenknecht, for the world-famous German actor Til Schweiger and the member of the German Bundestag and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Jürgen Trittin.

Eisenberg represents many of the BND witnesses on the NSA investigation committee, which once again proves his qualification and his high reputation as a lawyer.The “Handelsblatt” has made many false claims, which have since been refuted by, among others, the respected BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG.Apparently the “Handelsblatt” tries to make its readers important with false claims about “Karatbars International” and thus fights against the downfall of printed newspapers.

It is obvious that these will hardly survive in the future, not only because of the insane waste of paper and the associated negative environmental damage, especially since the Internet is clearly fast, the printed newspapers.It will be shown whether the “Handelsblatt” is going well with this tactic, or whether tomorrow it will be exposed to several complaints by “Karatbars International”, which Johannes Eisenberg, known for his intransigence, is making against the Handelsblatt – like “Karatbars International “announced.