Latest data showing simulation of the BTC rate after the Bitcoin halving

The upcoming Bitcoin halving has been cited as a potentially bullish cryptocurrency catalyst for years, as many investors suspect the impact on mining dynamics will push up BTC’s price.However, it is important to point out that there are some issues with this notion, and a recent crypto hedge fund report suggests that the bullish halving statements are based on false assumptions. Now, a statistical model that has taken into account a plethora of post-halving pricing options seems to support this theory, since only a small minority of simulations account for a strongly bullish price movement in the period immediately after the event.


Bullish bitcoin halving is underpinned by “wrong assumptions”, according to the hedge fund

Seattle-based crypto hedge fund Strix Leviathan recently said that the vast majority of statements about Bitcoin Halving are based on erroneous assumptions. The event, which is expected to occur in 21 days, is expected to be largely bullish in the short term as the reduced block rewards cause miners to stop selling their mined coins until the price goes up.