Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donates $ 1 billion to fight Corona

Well-known Bitcoin lover Jack Dorsey donated 28% of his fortune to the fight against the novel corona virus.As the fight against the corona virus continues, large organizations and even individuals are donating substantial amounts of money to devices, masks, ventilators, and more. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and founder of Square, recently announced his support on the subject.Dorsey announced that he will transfer $ 1 billion Square shares to a foundation he founded, called Start Small. He wants to use it to finance the global aid campaign to combat COVID-19. The donated amount corresponds to 28% of its net assets. The Bitcoin supporter has won the admiration and praise of more than just his Twitter followers.



Makes sure all money goes to a good cause

He went on to say that after the virus is defeated, the rest of the money will go to girls’ health and education and Universal Basic Income (UBI). Dorsey also provided a Google document where people can track how the money is spent.

“Why UBI and girls’ health and education? I believe that they are the best long-term solutions to the world’s existential problems. UBI is a great idea that needs experimentation. The health and education of girls is crucial for the balance, ”said the 43-year-old entrepreneur.